Catch the Fever Music Festivals - Pryor, OK
For Tickets Call 918-824-2288 or Toll Free at 866-310-2288

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Festival Grounds

Catch the Fever Music Festivals is well on its way to completing a great venue. The site started with a 400-acre farm site. First steps included for erecting a 130-foot permanent stage with full production, special effects and lighting capabilities common to indoor concert venues. Also included are buildings, fences, lighting, plumbing and roads along with facilities for camping and parking. Additionally the site now includes vendor areas and supplementary stages to allow continuous music between main generating around the clock energy and excitement. Special attention has also been given to providing VIP areas, safe campgrounds, located adjacent to the concert area, hot showers, fresh water, garbage and recycling service, RV facilities, etc. In preparation for this year's event:

Four inches of stone have been added to over 10 miles of roadway! All roads are 16 feet wide and 12 inches deep to provide good all weather access to the festival grounds. It is an interesting to note the road improvements added last year are the same as making driveways for 1,900 new homes! Put another way that's a 12-foot driveway 14.4 miles long!! All roads have been treated with Earthbind 100TM, a dust control and soil stabilization agent. The product applies easily and creates a compact, durable surface that prevents dust when dry and mud when. Worthy of note is that this type of product is used to make emergency military airfields in the Middle East! Ground contouring making a 9-foot high grass amphitheater seating area was added. What a wonderful place to just sit down and enjoy the show!! Over 50,300 yards of dirt were moved in the process. That's 5,030 truckloads! If you lined up that many trucks, they would stretch 27.65 miles, enough to go from the Festival grounds to downtown Tulsa!!!! That's a lot of dirt!!! A two-lagoon water management system was added. Each lagoon holds about 6,400,000 gallons. Ponder this; it would take 800 Semi truckloads of 8,000 Gallons each to fill both lagoons. (That's 136,532,800 Millers).

With the great response and demand we've had with Rocklahoma this year, We have made many new improvements to the festival grounds!! There have been some concerns from the fans whether or not there will be enough space and food for all the attendants. Here's some information that should help put everyone's worries aside:

The General Admission seating is over 10 acres and the VIP and reserved seating areas take up less then 1-1/2 acres. There is plenty of good viewing for all; the area for new seats is 1/4 acre on each side of the picture alley and light tower. This is not the area during Country Fever that is full of fans as it is a catch basin for drainage currently. The changes we are making are actually going to improve General Admission seating as we are adding storm sewers to this area and then filling around it to raise the General Admission seating !!

We are expanding our eating area to 3 times its current size and expanding the kitchen as well.

We want every one to enjoy the show, so we've added new Reserved and VIP seating. Extra Jumbo Trons and sound towers are in the works for this show. This is one event you don't wanna miss this summer !!! We're looking forward to seeing you all there!!!

Handicap Seating

General Admission handicap seating is in section H. VIP handicap seating is in the first Row of Section D. You must call to purchase seating in handicap section and also provide pertinent documentation. Customer service is available 9a.m. - 5p.m. Monday thru Friday to answer any questions. Please call customer service at 918-824-2288 or 866-310-2288 (Toll Free).

VIP Tickets include

  • 2 buffet style meals a day
  • all beverages and tap beer free throughout the festival
  • VIP parking
  • a permanent seat