The Interesting History of How Vacuum Cleaners Were Invented

A vacuum cleaner can be called a vacuum, hoover, or sweeper, but it’s purpose is the same. They use an air pump that suctions up dirt and debris from floors, furniture, and other types of surfaces. As I read on the best vacuum cleaner portal, modern vacuum cleaners have allowed the installation of wall-to-wall carpet, rather than the old days when rugs were carried outside, hung on a line, and beaten to remove the dirt.

The earlier attempts at a vacuum cleaner were made in England, back in 1599. Their vacuums looked a lot like ours, except that instead of running on electricity, a pump had to be operated to provide suction power to suck up debris. Needless to say, this would be quite the workout for the maid of the household.

In June 1869, the Chicago inventor, Ives McGaffey, designed and patented a sweeper-style machine. It was a lot like those sweepers you see today that are simply pushed over the floor, with the brushes or micro fiber clothes sweeping up debris from the floor.

vacuumcleanerhistoryMcGaffey’s device was not motorized. It did clean rugs through the use of a hand pump, and was the first of its kind in the USA. It was made from wood and canvas, and called the Whirlwind.

In 1903, John Thurman created a new business that offered door to door vacuuming services. He did this in St. Louis, and he’d go from home to home, and charge them $4 per vacuum. He had invented the first gasoline powered vacuum cleaner in 1899. This is often considered the first motorized vacuum cleaner invention. He patented it on October 3, 1899.

In Britain, Hubert Cecil Booth was working on his own version of the motorized vacuum cleaner. He patented his on August 30, 1901. His machine was large, and resided on a horse-drawn carriage. It ran on petrol, and consisted of long hoses which were fed through the windows. He started by demonstrating his services to a restaurant earlier that year.

There were many more American inventors who invited similar suction cleaning machines. David Kenney was the first to invent the central vacuum system with a machine that was installed in the cellar. A vast network of pipes was connected to each room where the suction hose would be attached.

All of these machines were large, bulky, noisy, and smelly, and didn’t work perfectly.

SweeperVacuum1920James Spangler was the first inventor to invent a handheld vacuum in 1907. He used simple materials such as an old fan motor, soap box, pillow case, and broom handle. He also designed it with a cloth filter bag, and cleaning attachments.

James Spangler and William Hoover founded the Hoover Company. Their vacuum looked a lot like a bagpipe which was attached to a cake box, but it worked well. The Hoover company made the first commercially sold bag-on-a-stick upright vacuum cleaner.

The public were slow to buy. Hoover had some great marketing though, and with their ten day, free home trial, most homes in the USA and the UK eventually had one.

By 1919, the Hoover vacuum cleaners were made with a “beater bar” which made it beat the rugs, as it swept and sucked up dirt.

The first disposable vacuum cleaner bag was made in Toledo, Ohio in 1920. It was a filter fiber bag that could be removed from the vacuum cleaner and tossed in the garbage.

Vacuum cleaners continue to be improved and adapted with new technology. In the 1970s, Dyson designed a notable line of Cyclones, which do not require a bag, and always retain their suction power. It will be exciting to see what is ahead in cleaning technology.

How To Organize Your Trip When Attending A Music Festival

You’ve got your tickets to the hottest festival around and now it’s time to plan your itinerary. Don’t think that you’ll just show up to the show and that’s it. There’s a lot of planning to do, especially if you’re traveling to an out-of-state/out-of-country music festival. Here are some useful tips on how to plan it all so that it turns into a trip of a lifetime.


Where To Stay

After you score your tickets, it’s time to look for places to stay. Unless you opt to do a festival’s camping option (think Coachella), you’re going to have to research hotels, motels and any other places to crash at. If you have the cash or will have enough time to save up some extra money, research the hottest hotels in the area where the festival is taking place and check for availability (but do this fast because rooms book fast!).  A huge benefit about this places is that it’s super close to the venue and there might even be cool pre or after parties at the hotel where you can continue the party. Even check out places to rent on Airbnb and see if you can rent get a place for cheap. If you have a lot of friends going, it’s a great way to find lodging for a large party. And the great thing about Airbnb is that you can find a place anywhere in the world!


Festival Apps

Before you step foot at the festival, it’s time to plan ahead and schedule what bands you want to see, where you’ll meet friends and more. The best way to do that is save it all on your phone. To start, you should first check to see if the festival you’re attending has a dedicated app that provides maps of the venue, schedules, food options, and more. If not, just make a schedule of bands you want to see and other information using you phone’s notes app. Also download any weather apps so that you’re prepared for any rain or heat. Another great app is Packing Pro, which breaks down what you’ll need to pack based on how many days you’ll be gone via its sample lists, which is a great thing to have for any trip you take.

What To Do

Most likely the festival will go on for a few days and that’s where you’ll be for the duration of the event. But when the festival is over and you’re in another country or city, it’s time to explore and take in the sights! To maximize your extra time in wherever you’re at, write down all the things you’d like to see and do and then use a site like TripAdvisor to see what map out any sightseeing, shopping and extra activities that will make your festival trip even that much more memorable.

How to learn to play guitar on your own

There is just something about knowing how to play an instrument. It is a great way to kick back and relax, all while staying creative and, eventually, learning to play your favorite songs. Of course, you probably are not going to be able to just pick up your guitar and start playing it without any sort of work or practice. Learning any kind of instrument requires a considerable amount of dedication. Due to this, if you are not ready to put in any sort of time or effort, learning to play the guitar might not be the thing for you. However, if you are able to put in the time and want to learn how to perform the guitar, either for others or just for your own enjoyment, you can take advantage of these different methods and learn how to play guitar on your own, without professional assistance.

YouTube Videos

There are all sorts of different YouTube videos out there that can help walk you through the entire playing process. Many of your favorite songs really are nothing more than a few chords. The song is going to show you how to perform each cord slowly and where to place your fingers. You can watch these videos over and over until you are able to perform the song with the video. Naturally, there are going to be some that simply are better than others, but for the most part, there is almost always going to be a good video for your particular needs.

Video Games


Do you love video games? If so, it is possible to learn some songs with the help of video games such as RockSmith. Now, there are some video games that give you a plastic guitar with four different key buttons. This is not the same format as with RockSmith though. With this game, you actually take your guitar and plug it into the video game system. Now, this does mean that you need an electric guitar, or at least an acoustic guitar with an amplifier connection. With this plug-in, you are able to play along, regardless of what your experience level is with playing the guitar. This is actually a great way to learn as you are rewarded as you complete different songs, which might make you want to play the song more and more on your own.

Chord Sheets

People have been learning to play instruments through sheet music and chord booklets for years, and even though there are different technological options out there, this does not mean it is going to be the best version for you. It is a good idea to learn how to read sheet music, if you want to take up playing guitar on a serious level, as it is always possible to purchase sheet music from your local music store. On top of this, these chord booklets allow you to learn different chords and also see the representation on the sheet music as well, so you know what each not is on the music staff.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2014 /October 15-19/

Let’s start the autumn festival season with an ace! Where could you possibly have the best party experience if not in Amsterdam?! This event is an electronic music and club festival, which means that it cannot go wrong. Especially if we consider that Afrojack and Hardwell is amongst the performers! After this information who would even consider not going? Although there are only two world-famous artists, there are many other good ones from the Netherlands, who are going to entertain you with the best music of all!

We shouldn’t forget about the name of the festival either, DANCE! One of the main points of going to a music festival is to have the opportunity to dance with all the other people who you share the same music taste with and become friends for a party (or if you are lucky, even longer), what we are saying is, that if you go, you have to dance, let out all the stress and party as you never did before!

The festival lasts for 5 days and what is unique about it, is that it is also a conference, with daytime events, where you can learn about electronic music. The program offers workshops, technical demonstrations and round table discussions as well. Usually you don’t get such a versatile program at a music festival, so we would hardly recommend it to go and try the daytime activities alongside with the night ones, especially if you are into electronic music. It can be a real educational trip!

Moreover, we would recommend you to buy the tickets ASAP, because some of them are already sold out! Do not forget about booking a hotel either, as unfortunately there aren’t any camping opportunities on the festival itself.

Buy your tickets, book a hotel/motel and a plane ticket, pack your things and go to Amsterdam! We guarantee that it’s going to be awesome!

If you are still not convinced, that your place in October is in Amsterdam, than listen to Afrojack’s latest song, we love it!